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Pay attention to the details of the warehouse cargo stacking, and determine success or failure! 1. Precautions for pallet stacking goods
1. The label of the goods on the pallet should face outward so that the barcode on each carton can be scanned without moving it.
2. When the cargo pallet is used, the fork of the pallet should be placed in the place where the equipment is transported in order to cooperate with the equipment.
3. When stacking goods, it is not recommended to extend beyond the edge of the pallet. Try to choose a pallet whose size and type are more suitable for this product.
4. Do not use damaged or unidentified pallets.
5. When multiple goods of different categories are shipped on a pallet, pack the goods separately so that it is not easy to cause errors during harvesting. It is recommended to affix a sign indicating different types of goods.
6. It is recommended to stack the heaviest items on the bottom of the cargo pallet.
7. Do not let the carton extend beyond the edge of the pallet.
8. The pallet must be close to the standard height to allow pallet gaps and stacking opportunities.
9. Use stretch film to support the carton to ensure that the stretch film completely covers the goods on the pallet, which can prevent the moving goods from falling during transportation and ensure that the stacked pallets are stable during transportation.
10. The use of storage pallets is to prevent the stored goods from contacting the ground and prevent dust pollution. Therefore, when storing plastic pallets, we must pay attention to dustproof measures, and at the same time ensure the safety of the goods, but also take measures such as waterproof and fireproof.

2. Precautions for stacking goods on shelves
1. Load information signs should be posted around storage shelves to remind and guide operators and other operators at all times.
2. Anti-overloading: The weight of each layer of goods stored shall not exceed the maximum load capacity of the shelf design.
3. Anti-collision: The forklift should be handled with care as much as possible during operation.
4. Anti-top-heavy: The principle of putting light goods at the top and heavy goods at the bottom.
5. When there are goods placed on the top of the storage shelf, the operator should try not to directly enter the bottom of the shelf.
6. Pay attention to the size of the goods, do not super-high and super-wide, the size of the pallet and the goods should be slightly smaller than the clear space of 100mm.

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